Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 3

OK, here it is again folks! The Wizard101 Comparison Series! Stormzilla is the one I will compare today with .... Godzilla! We'll see how alike and different they are.

Well first, Stormzilla has lightning scales running down it's back. And has a little bolt popping out of the back of it's head. ( I decided to make the picture animated to spice it up.

Now lets look at Godzilla.

Ok, the differences about him from Stormzilla are he is much darker colored and is kinda thinner. But maybe a little taller than Stormzilla. Stormzilla's head is way bigger than Godzilla's. So is the mouth and jaw. It looks like if Stormzilla was let loose on a City, it would do more damage than godzilla. But there are some pictures of Godzilla that look ALOT like Stormzilla. Like this one.

See, the little bolt spikes. Well folks, that's todays comparison. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to C&C for the Godzilla/Stormzilla idea!

~Isaiah Spelldust


Cheats and Crackers said...

Yay! Awesome job, man! :) Give me more. xD I'll let you wait until tomorrow though. lol

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Ok! ty

Lyssie Silverheart said...

What dose xD mean?