Sunday, June 7, 2009


In my travels throughout the Spiral, I have encountered some wizards that figured out a way to avoid the Chat Filter and put in some inventive ways. Nobody likes a wizard that can't control his/her mouth. If it's because of anger, teasing, or messing, it's not nice. So please, if you can't control what you are about to say, just stop. Then, mark your location and port to your house, and repeat three times, "goose-fraba!". Take a deep breath, and if you blew up on the other fellow wizard, apologize. Dont be mean back. Remember, what you say can be recorded, and when someone reports you, KI will go over your chat log and see what you said. Here is a metaphor really quick. Have you ever tried to put back toothpaste back into the bottle after squeezing out too much? It's hard. Trust me. And in comparison to what you say, you cant take it back. Unless, with an apology. Thanks to all the Wizards that dont curse. And if you do. Please not on the game. It's rude.

Your Wizardly Advisor

~Isaiah Spelldust


Countess Shadowbane said...


Stingite said...

Nice analogy with the toothpaste. haha. thanks!


Isaiah Spelldust said...

GOOSE FRABA too all!