Friday, June 12, 2009

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 2

As you well know about these comparison posts I will be show one monster from Wizard 101, and then a different looking, but same type of creature from something different. Then, I will show another Wizard 101 monster, and compare a same looking type monster from something different. So, for today, I will first bring out is the Elf. The fire/ice/storm elf. Ok, here is the Wizard 101 Elf :

Now a different Fire Elf :

As you can see, they are about completly different in appearence. Well, except for the ears, and the fact that they are both elves.
Now for the second section of the comparisons post, Ill bring out the Minotaur :

From Wizard 101

Now a similar one :

They are similar ( except color ) by the Axe they hold. The Bull's head, then the human body all seems about similar in both the pictures.

~Isaiah Spelldust

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