Saturday, June 6, 2009

100th Post!

Hey everyone, I have finally reached my 100th post! Phew, it took a little while, but I pulled it off. Ok, here are a couple things first :

- Back at Valerian's School of Waywayd Wizards, there is the first staged, acted, and rehearsed play acted out on a stage -- in an mmo game. It's really exciting, as I myself have seen it. It must've been hard though with bubbles to talk with. What a good way to use Castles and Lands! Congratz Valerian!

- A new type of Gift Cards? Yesseroni! That include Stormaphant, Firezilla, and Balance Golem! I can't wait, I am gonna go to the Seven Eleven as soon as I can to get them.


Ok, back to the 100th post, I was thinking that every 100 posts I should do this, or like something special or something. So, for this post, I thought I should do something funny, and kind of out of line. And while driving by a taco bell I thought, 'well, what about Taco Town!'

Take a look!


Stingite said...

Hey! Congratz on number 100!

p.s. that video is one of my all time favorites. LOL

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Mine too! And thanks!

Fatal Exception said...

Gratz on sticking with it. Having something worthwhile to say once is nice, but a hindred time? That's impressive!

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Thank you!