Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pets, Polaris, . . . . Pandas?

Hey everyone Isaiah here! Checking in again from sunny, er, snowy Polaris! Been working on the main story line as well as training my saber tooth pet! Any more grub guardian and my fingers will fall off! Just having fun with it you know! One of my main goals for my balance guy is too have the highest critical and health as possible with a decent resist. The healing in/out doesn't matter too much on this character. Also shadow pips and spells have been good for me too, and for what Im doing as a character! Also lets MEET UP! I need to connect more with you guys! Lets quest! or just side quest! or no quest! or mount race! or foot race! or no race! Lets craft together i dont know! Hit me up wizards! Also, here are a few pics from my transition into Polaris! With a stunning graduation photo I might add! (momma and papa would be SO proud!)

Cya around the Spiral!

Isaiah Spelldust

PS also there were no pandas this post, sorry. :p

Thursday, January 19, 2017

One more Update...

     So construction of the new and improved website is underway! Wont just be a blog it'll have a forum for discussion as well and a few other things. It will be awhile mainly because honestly after 8 years the fan base is kinda.......not there! Haha and its no ones fault but my own and thats okay! If you blog it, they will..uh idk what im saying anymore. . .
    Also still questing away! Trying to smash through the main stuff and then grind out side quests! Will talk more about that tomorrow!

   Thanks and thanks!


A little update on where I'm at in the game. Still in Khrysalis but made it to the level 100 milestone woo! Gonna obviously check out Darkmoor (in which I heard is good for gear farming but we will see) but right now just have some decent aquila gear on which gives me some good crits! And my healing in/out is pretty decent to. Just need to boost my overall resistance/blocking/shadow pip chance. But we will get there! Also I really REALLY need to buckle down on crafting and jewel crafting (more on that later!) But yea! Message me with any crafting tips or just leave a comment its been a while! See ya!

Guess who's Back. . .

         After about 8 years I'm getting back into it! On and off I still have been keeping up with Wizard101 still but now I'm ready to get back out there and involved with the community! I'm going to be using this old blog to get ready to transition to a newer/fresher one. I feel confidant ill be happy doing this again with even more coverage and entertainment as we all enjoy our favourite game! You'll here more from me soon!

A little older, a little wiser, but still; a Defender of The Spiral.


Friday, May 14, 2010


Wow! I remember back last year when there was only a few w101 blogs. But now there are just so many! I guess the main inspiration for all of them is the Friendly Necromancer, who was one of the first to blog. His blog list is enormous, and there are still more! I am just glad that lots of people are being inspired to talk about what they are doing in the game.

Other than that, I am getting my house ready for the Summer-Jam party coming soon. Also, I have been busy doing some Photoshop projects and working with the Defenders Group on some stuff. ( Click on that link if you don't know what I am talking about! ) New changes are on the way throughout the game such as the pet contest coming up, and much more you can read on the Wizard101 site ( Ravenwood News ). As for me I might take my blog to another level, I don't really know yet.

See ya round the Spiral!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I just got this email from! :

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that Defenders of the Spiral is a big hit on! If you haven't checked out our site yet, you'll see that we're a completely free website dedicated to highlighting the best MMO blogs and sites across the web.

Defenders of the Spiral is fantastic and a great addition to MassiveBlips! In fact, we have you ranked 81st in our MMO category, which is highly impressive as we track hundreds of great blogs! I wish we had a Wizard category as I know you'd rank well there too!

We're currently contacting our most popular featured bloggers and asking them to claim their blogs. By doing so, you're making it easier for thousands of new fans to quickly find your blog and read all your great posts.

Yay! I got featured! Help spread the news about Defenders of the Spiral!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Defenders Meeting!

First of all, for the not-posting!

Second of all :

Okay guys! New Defenders Meeting will be this SAT. May 1st, @ 2:30 PM CST In front of the Ravenwood tree! Be there! Also follow me on Twitter!

*Not in Defenders?

Join up now! ~Isaiah Spelldust