Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pets, Polaris, . . . . Pandas?

Hey everyone Isaiah here! Checking in again from sunny, er, snowy Polaris! Been working on the main story line as well as training my saber tooth pet! Any more grub guardian and my fingers will fall off! Just having fun with it you know! One of my main goals for my balance guy is too have the highest critical and health as possible with a decent resist. The healing in/out doesn't matter too much on this character. Also shadow pips and spells have been good for me too, and for what Im doing as a character! Also lets MEET UP! I need to connect more with you guys! Lets quest! or just side quest! or no quest! or mount race! or foot race! or no race! Lets craft together i dont know! Hit me up wizards! Also, here are a few pics from my transition into Polaris! With a stunning graduation photo I might add! (momma and papa would be SO proud!)

Cya around the Spiral!

Isaiah Spelldust

PS also there were no pandas this post, sorry. :p