Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Gift Cards Come out Tomorrow!

Hey folks, I know I should tell you tomorrow but I decided to tell you now! Yes the new set of gift cards are coming out tomorrow, July 1st! That means new pets, so here what they do :

-Sturdy Dragon
(7-Eleven $10) gives 50 health & 1% Power Pip

-Smarty Piggle
(Rite-Aid $10) gives 40 Mana & 1 Life Wand Spell

-Battle Pig
(Rite-Aid $20) gives 50 Health & 1 Infection Spell

-Blue Dragon
(Blockbuster $10) gives Mend Minion (available early July)

And coming soon .... Gift cards available at Blockbuster.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, June 29, 2009

Poster of the Day -- Sean Emeraldweaver

Here is the first poster of the day. Sean Emeraldweaver. He is a good guy and owns a blog called Modern Auto Magic and it has some good info and cool things. Well, I know he asked just for his name in the comment, but I just put something under it too.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 4

Today's comparison is the creature Orthrus, which we all know as the Myth Level 48 Spell ( and pet ). But the question is, what would it look like compared to a different Orthrus? Well, you'll find the answer here. Here is the Orthrus we all know. ( Yes, I've decided it should be animated as well. )

With it's classic two-heads and red eyes, it has a good attack. But can a different one match up? Here is a different Orthrus. I wanted to compare new with old so, this one is ancient.

As you can see, it is dead. It was probably an evil monster in it's time. But, in comparison to the Orthrus from Wizard 101, I'd say it would be weaker. It has the two heads but, not that big compared to the humans standing next to it. And, somthing else different in this Orthrus from the other one is the tail. Look on the right side of the photo and you'll see it has a snake for a tail. Unlike the Wizard 101 one.

Well, that's todays comparison. Hope you enjoyed it!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Poster of The Day -- Isaiah Spelldust

I have decided that everyday I should make a motivational poster out of somebody. I did one of myself as an example. If you want one made of you. Leave what you want on it in a comment, or send it and a screenshot of you in an e-mail to me. ( Isaiahspelldust@gmail.com )

Your Wizardly Advisor,

~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 3

OK, here it is again folks! The Wizard101 Comparison Series! Stormzilla is the one I will compare today with .... Godzilla! We'll see how alike and different they are.

Well first, Stormzilla has lightning scales running down it's back. And has a little bolt popping out of the back of it's head. ( I decided to make the picture animated to spice it up.

Now lets look at Godzilla.

Ok, the differences about him from Stormzilla are he is much darker colored and is kinda thinner. But maybe a little taller than Stormzilla. Stormzilla's head is way bigger than Godzilla's. So is the mouth and jaw. It looks like if Stormzilla was let loose on a City, it would do more damage than godzilla. But there are some pictures of Godzilla that look ALOT like Stormzilla. Like this one.

See, the little bolt spikes. Well folks, that's todays comparison. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to C&C for the Godzilla/Stormzilla idea!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry, Cant Post Much Today

Sorry that this is basically the only thing I can post for today and maybe not tomorrow because I have a big swim meet. That's right, I am on a swim team. It's in the morining too. Like 7:30 - 12:00. Then the whole team is going out for lunch at a buffet. Good thing after and not before the meet.


Anyways wish me luck, It will be a long day tomorrow and I need some sleep!

P.s. That's not me. Lol.

Your Wizardly Advisor

~Isaiah Spelldust
A.K.A Frapples

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Actual First

Hello fellow wizards. I have been working on my first actual made Wizard 101 video. It's not that long, and there might be a little kinks that I missed but, I tried.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Updates! (Part 2)

Here are more new updates that will be coming soon!

Chat Channels

Wizard101 now has different Chat Channels that allow players to communicate to other players who are in the same Realm, Group or Area.You can choose a channel to watch and participate in, by clicking on the tabs at the top. (If you are not in a group, you will not see the Group tab)

-"All" Chat broadcasts to up to 150 people in your current Realm. If there are more than 150 people in your Realm, you can cycle through the different “All” tabs. More “All” tabs will appear depending on the population.

-Say Chat is similar to the current Chat, that only broadcasts to the players immediately around you.

-Group Chat only broadcasts to the players within your current Group. If you leave the group, you will no longer be able to chat to that group.

-Text Chat is similar to the current direct chat abilities, however now this is not restricted to players on your Friends list.

-System Chat is reserved for important messages from our system, including in game warnings of downtime's.

Click to Select

Players can now select someone through their chat window. If you want to select a player that is not in your area, but who you can see in the chat, simply click on their name. Left click their name to select the player and right click their name to send a Text Chat message if they have Text Chat privileges.

True Friend Code Update

Players that you have exchanged True Friend Codes with, outside of Wizard101 will now show with their names in Green in the Friends Panel. The True Friend Code chat channel will now allow players to chat directly to each other without the dictionary chat restrictions. This chat channel will be filtered for profanity, and players can still be reported for their actions within this chat option. True Friend Codes should only be exchanged between people who already know each other outside of Wizard101. For your own safety, do not post these codes where strangers can see them, or give them out to people you do not know outside of the game.


Players can now group together and form a temporary team of up to four. This will allow players to more easily complete Dungeons and quests as a group and reserve slots in their duels for other group members. To put together a Group, simply click on another player and the Friends Panel will appear. Click the option to Add to Group. Once that's accepted, the player will show in the new Group panel of your Friends List, along with other players in the group.Party groups have their own chat channel, and to learn more, read the Chat Channels section above.

Stun Lock

When a player is hit with a Stun spell in combat they will still be stunned, but now a new Stun Shield will appear around them. The next time that player is attacked with any spell that stuns, the stun will be blocked and the shield will be used up. This applies to creatures as well! The shield will be raised for them too.

Enhanced Boss Encounters

You may have noticed that bosses of the Spiral have a few new tricks up their sleeves! Some of the bosses have been learning from all their encounters with the Wizards of the Spiral. Bosses may now cast additional spells, even when it is not their turn and they may call extra minions to their side to aid in the battle. This provides a whole new challenge to those boss duels, so you may want to go back and revisit some of the bosses of the Spiral to see what they've learned.

Housing Items

-Dogfish Statue is now functioning properly as a Wall Hanging item.
-Pilloried Skeleton can now be placed anywhere in a players home that it will fit into.
-Wall Chains & Looped Wall Chains can now be placed on a players wall.
-Boiler Door is now easier to place.
-Players can now pick up the Iron Tea Pot from where it has been placed
-The Red Dragon Bust can now be placed on a wall in a house.

Other Details

-The maximum amount of gold a character can have has been raised to 150 000.
-Satyr Pets now come with Satyr Cards instead of Unicorn.
-Players defeated in a duel will be marked "Defeated" in their 2d Combat Panel
-Beguile will not cause loss of rank when used on the last turn of a Player vs Player match.
-Voice overs have been added to the Tutorial Tips and the Help Menu
-Beware young Wizards, the population of creatures has increased in Kishibe Village!
-Tri-Blade, Tri-Trap and other Triple affect spells have been sped up to appear faster
-Sgt Skullsplitter is no longer helping young Wizards and has stopped casting Deathblade on players.
-The population of Nirini Bosses has increased to help Wizards complete "Give 'Em Another Round" quest.
-Speed Boots of the Comet have had their textures fixed and all Speed Boots can now be dyed.
-Dragonspyre Academy map has been updated to correct the location of the Crystal Grove.
-Players will regain their health while they are in their Dorm Rooms.

I would say some of these are great! But some make the game more challenging, such as more bosses with new spells, and minion-aid. And the max amount of gold has been raised, so I guess they might have some more expensive things in Grizzleheim, or just raising some prices on some things. And finally the wall loop chain problem has been fixed. When I received one from Petrov Gloomstrider, I when home to put it on my wall. It would go on! So I waited, and tried again. Still wouldn't work. So I just sold it. Then before the updates come out, I'll try to win another one.

See you in the Spiral!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, June 22, 2009

My New Hat

I thought I would just do this post for fun. I was in Dragonspyre taking screenshots when I noticed I could take the picture to where the two wings on the Dragon sitting on the mountain, and put it on my hat. Take a look :

You could kind of relate that to the Leaning Tower of Piza, "leaning" on it while it is still in the background.

Same concept. Kinda neat.

Your Wizardly Advisor,

~Isaiah Spelldust

New Updates! (Part 1)

Here are a couple updates you can experience in the Test Realm along with Grizzleheim!

Courtesy of Kingsisle:

Wizard101 has a Bazaar!

Olde Town is the place to be - there you will find the new Bazaar. This new Bazaar gives players access to items found by other players, in all the worlds of the Spiral.Players can sell their extra items to a new shopkeeper named Elik Silverfist. That's me on the left! I'll pay you the value in gold for your items based on supply and demand. If I already have lots of the item you are selling me then I will pay you less gold for yours. If I'm low or out of stock on the item you are selling, I will pay you more gold! No matter what, I will always offer a better price than other shopkeepers.You can also buy items from me that other players have sold to me. The more of an item I have, the cheaper it will be, and the fewer of an item I have, the more expensive it will be. If you see an item you like, buy it, it may not be there next time you visit. All prices are based on my current stock of items, so shop often for that special bargain, young Wizards! And don't worry, if someone sells an item on Wu Realm, and you're on Pixie, you'll see it in my inventory - I've got all the Realms covered!


Time to get Crafty!

Wizard101 is introducing a whole new side to being a Wizard: Crafting.This Crafting system introduces hundreds of new items into the game. First up, is new equipment - all new hats, jewelry, robes, wands and other equipment. This new equipment includes items that span bonuses for multiple schools. They will exist in all combinations, but are meant to enhances spells from your primary school, and any other school's spells that you have learned. One example is a Myth item that boosts the damage bonus of Myth Spells, but also increases the accuracy of any Storm spells you may have. You can also craft furniture, and you might be interested to know that there is a Recipe for a Carousel!In order to craft items, you'll need to find Recipes and Reagents. Recipes are instructions for crafting items. Reagents are the ingredients used in the recipes, and include items such as stones, vials, wood and Treasure Cards. Many of the new reagents can be collected in adventure areas, purchased at the Bazaar, found as rewards for dueling creatures, and purchased at the Reagent shopkeepers.Who can be a Crafter?EVERYONE can become a Crafter. Free to Play Players can collect any number of different recipes and can craft many fabulous pieces. Paying players can access higher tiered recipes and reagents in advanced worlds. Players cannot fail to craft an item, as long as you have all the reagents required for the recipe, you will successfully create the item, just make sure you have room in your Backpack!Where do I get Started?Your journey begins in Olde Town, with Eudora TangleTree. She has a quest for you that gets you started in the world of Crafting.
Ok - So what do I do?First you must complete the first crafting quest given to you by Eudora TangleTree, which rewards you with a Crafting Station and a Crafting Slot. You can also buy Crafting Stations from furniture shopkeepers. You must place your Crafting Station in your Dorm room or Castle to be able to use it.Second you must purchase a recipe from a Recipe Vendor. They're located on each of the worlds of the Spiral. Third, you must gather the reagents used in the recipe. Reagents are ingredients. Some reagents can be harvested throughout all the worlds of the Spiral. Others can be purchased from Reagent Vendors. Some creatures will drop reagents when they are defeated. Fourth, you must have an empty Crafting Slot. A Crafting Slot allows you to concentrate on making an item. Once you use it, you must wait for the timer to refresh before you can make another item. Lastly, when you have your recipe and reagents, go to your Crafting Station and use it. Select the recipe you want to make, and i fyou have the required ingredients, press "Create" and make the item. The item you created will appear in your backpack, so make sure there's room!Can I Improve my Crafting?There are three tiers of advancement for Crafters. Each tier grants players a new badge and a new series of recipes become available to them. There are Recipe Vendors spread across all the worlds of the Spiral. Some items are only available through Crafting.Can I make my own Treasure Cards?From now on, only some Treasure Cards will be sold in the Libraries. Instead of buying Treasure Cards, players will be able to Craft Treasure Cards that correspond to their primary school.

I am putting these new updates into different parts only because there are so many! I do not want to have one huge long post with all of the updates. I'll feature more or the rest in Part 2!
Your Wizardly Advisor,
~Isaiah Spelldust

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

I would like to dedicate this post to all of the Father's out there who do lots in life for their family. And especially the Wizard 101 Fathers! Wow! Support a family with a job and everything, and still get to play one of their favorite things! So since it's special, I would like to present another totally random video! McGruber!


~Isaiah Spelldust

Grizzleheim Appears on Test

Yes, you've heard it folks. If you are a member, load up the Test Realm and go check out Grizzleheim! They have all new quests, people, bosses, enemies, and friends. You also gain craft slots. They come with the opening quest you can do in Wizard City, also including a nifty craft sectional. When Grizzleheim launches out to everyone, part of it will be available to free-players, so they'll have some more quests to do before thinking about becoming an actual member. Ill tell you more about Grizzleheim as soon as I fix my software, and go through it more.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, June 19, 2009

Screenshots with Fraps

I got a new and fast software called Fraps. It takes the screenshot right away when you press the Hotkey, and stores it in a folder. How convienent is that? Anyways here is my test screenshot with it. I decided to take it with Cyrus Drake, since I was already in the Basilca.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Wanna Go Fast!

Ever heard of those boots that can make you run faster? You can buy them with crowns in the Wizard City Commons where Zeke has them.
Take the Boots of the Slipstream for instance. You could go 4% faster than normal. That would've been good for the race in the Wizard101 Gathering 2009.
And the Boots of the Comet. An even faster one. But, also more expensive. For twice as much crowns it would cost, it goes twice as fast ( 8% ). Makes sense right?
~Isaiah Spelldust

A Tour of my House

As you know, you have seen my house go through previous stages such as being empty, to a decor collection, to a full living room. Well, my house is almost full, and I would like to give you a mini-tour of it. Take a look :

My classroom. When novices have a question they can come over to my class room and get answers.

My Study. Where I go to so I can relax from a long day and finish paperwork and study the latest spells. This room has a Dragonspyre style to it.

Some of my living room; as you can see I have left out pumpkin. I am going to carve it come Halloween! This room has a forest theme to it.
My bedroom. Krok Style. If you were wonder where that fire tablet came from, go fight Biti Nirini. He'll help you out with that. And in the background you can see I have a guest bedroom as well. I decided to make that a Mooshu Style one.
See, I told you that I would have different rooms with different worldly styles to it. In a later post, I will bring out what my yard and stage look like!
~Isaiah Spelldust

New Easy-links On Side

Hey folks, I just put in some links of the favorite things you ( the readers ) read most, so it would be much easier to just clikc on it instead of click on the archives and search through posts. I put it on the side because I just couldnt figure out a wasy to put it up top like Friendly. Anyways I hope it is of some help to you guys. I will add to it when more related posts come into it.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey fellow wizards. Yes, yet another downtime message from Professor Greyrose in the Wizard 101 forum :

Wizard101 the game will be offline for maintenance for an extended period of time. From 3am to 7am Central US time, on June 17 2009, Wizard101 the game will be offline. Players will not be able to log in. Players who are logged in at that time will be prompted to log out. Please note, this downtime is only for technical maintenance, nothing is being added to or changed in the game during this period. Thank you for your understanding, while we continue to improve the game for everyone.

Note : When your in the game and you see an icon on the bottom left of your screen saying " you got such and such time before you gotta leave", dont sweat it. It's just a reminder. So I am basically reminding you about the reminder that will remind you to remind yourself to get off when they begin the maintenance!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From IGN: New Grizzleheim Feature

Read all about it! Latest updates on the new world, Grizzleheim are courtesy of IGN :

See IGN's Latest Feature About Grizzleheim
IGN has an article up on the new races that players of Wizard101 will encounter in the upcoming world of Grizzleheim. Bear Vikings, Ravens, and Wolves, oh my!

Click in the link above to learn more about when Grizzleheim is coming out on the Test Realm!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 2

As you well know about these comparison posts I will be show one monster from Wizard 101, and then a different looking, but same type of creature from something different. Then, I will show another Wizard 101 monster, and compare a same looking type monster from something different. So, for today, I will first bring out is the Elf. The fire/ice/storm elf. Ok, here is the Wizard 101 Elf :

Now a different Fire Elf :

As you can see, they are about completly different in appearence. Well, except for the ears, and the fact that they are both elves.
Now for the second section of the comparisons post, Ill bring out the Minotaur :

From Wizard 101

Now a similar one :

They are similar ( except color ) by the Axe they hold. The Bull's head, then the human body all seems about similar in both the pictures.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wizard101 Comparisons Part 1

Hello fellow Wizards. It has come to my attention that some of the Monsters in the game look some-what different than other of the same type of creatures in other games and movies. Today, I am going to show today's comparison ; the Kraken.

As you can see here that the Kraken well known looks like this in Wizard101:

Unlike the Dragon, It hasn't been designed to look like others of it's kind.

And just to clear it up, look at the dragon difference :

Now the other ...

Hmm...... Not much difference there.

~Isaiah Spelldust

This Just in From What They Play

I got this from the What They Play website :

What They Play is Seeking Fathers in the Military

If you’re a father in the military who plays Wizard101 with your children back home or you play Wizard101 online with your father back home, we'd love to hear from you. Stripes GAMER.com – in partnership with What They Play, the family guide to video games – is developing a special Father’s Day feature story that you could be a part of.

Sign Up Here

If you are a father in the Military that loves to play games with your childeren, then, go for it. It is a good way to connect with each other, while still so far away.

~Isaiah Spelldust

New 18+ Chat Filter

Yes folks, it is here. Are you tired of saying, "stat you", or, "stew ! pit" ( even though it isn't a nice word but some times situations can be "stew ! pit". Our friends over at Kingsisle have something to say about that :

New Chat Enhancements AnnouncedWe are releasing new community enhancements very soon! One of the enhancements is 18+ Chat*. 18+ Chat will allow players a more open communication environment with other 18+ players. Starting tonight, we are adding web-based account controls for 18+ chat. Please be aware that although the control will be added to your account, 18+ Chat will NOT be launched tonight. This chat feature is in response to our community's requests. To ensure the highest level of safety, we have chosen to launch this for our active Subscriber community only. Please note that this option is off by default, and you must actively select this option under Account Management. Our terms for in-game communication with other players will remain the same. Violent and abusive behavior, as well as the exchange of personal information is still not acceptable. Once we launch this feature, the following updates to chat will apply: Menu Chat (default setting for under13) players will continue to see only Menu Chat. 13 to 18+ Text Chat (default setting for 13+) players will continue to see only our Dictionary Text Chat. Players will NOT see the 18+ chat. New 18+ Chat will be filtered for profanity.

*Accounts must be 18+ and must be an active subscriber with a valid credit card on file.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My "Juke" Idea

Here is something to think about :

You know when everytime a player enters his/hers or friends' house that the music is all the same? Well, what if Kingsisle came up with a thing called "Jukes" , that can play different background music at their house. It could be available at each of the worlds' housing shops. For each world, there could be a couple different "Jukes" relating to that world. For example, battle music, commons music, golem tower music, etc. for Wizard City and so on. That might just be something to think about. I however thought about it as I was at my friends' Dragonspyre Residence and noticed Wizard City Music. The Jukes could either look like something you put in your house or you could equip it as if you would equip you house. Then when the wizard equips his/her Juke, they could teleport to their house and listen to it while they were doing their daily routines.

You think if I e-mailed that idea to KI they would like it? Who knows?

~Isaiah Spelldust

A Couple Speculations

I too have just couple Grizzleheim speculations that have been on my mine today :
-You know those Dragonspyre helmets that are the dragonheads? Well, they might have bear and ravenheads too. And I am guessing they will have a lot more staffs and spears too.
- The voice overs, hmm? I wonder what those bears and ravens will have to say to us?
- The background and battle music
- The crown items ( housing )
- A school in Grizzleheim? Just like one in Dragonspyre ( Dragonspyre Academy ) and of course Ravenwood in Wizard City.
Now I am gonna end this post by talking like Yoda.


A post, this has been. Later, we will see in the Test Realm. Yoda I am. The force, you must use!

Wizardly advisor, your,

~Spelldust, Isaiah

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wetpaint Wiki Droplet

Wizard 101 Wetpaint Wiki

Have you ever took a look at the Wizard 101 Wetpaint Wiki? It's cool I think. When you sign up as a member there, you get to make contributions to the site ( adding maps, badges, advice, new spells, and news ) and have your own page, that records what you do on the site. They have this kewl Droplet page where you get to put some cool things on your own site/blog. Here is an example of one above of me, ( in another post because I just couldnt figure out how to put my text and the droplet on the same post) and one I put as a side bar. Take a look!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Sunday, June 7, 2009


In my travels throughout the Spiral, I have encountered some wizards that figured out a way to avoid the Chat Filter and put in some inventive ways. Nobody likes a wizard that can't control his/her mouth. If it's because of anger, teasing, or messing, it's not nice. So please, if you can't control what you are about to say, just stop. Then, mark your location and port to your house, and repeat three times, "goose-fraba!". Take a deep breath, and if you blew up on the other fellow wizard, apologize. Dont be mean back. Remember, what you say can be recorded, and when someone reports you, KI will go over your chat log and see what you said. Here is a metaphor really quick. Have you ever tried to put back toothpaste back into the bottle after squeezing out too much? It's hard. Trust me. And in comparison to what you say, you cant take it back. Unless, with an apology. Thanks to all the Wizards that dont curse. And if you do. Please not on the game. It's rude.

Your Wizardly Advisor

~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, June 6, 2009

100th Post!

Hey everyone, I have finally reached my 100th post! Phew, it took a little while, but I pulled it off. Ok, here are a couple things first :

- Back at Valerian's School of Waywayd Wizards, there is the first staged, acted, and rehearsed play acted out on a stage -- in an mmo game. It's really exciting, as I myself have seen it. It must've been hard though with bubbles to talk with. What a good way to use Castles and Lands! Congratz Valerian!

- A new type of Gift Cards? Yesseroni! That include Stormaphant, Firezilla, and Balance Golem! I can't wait, I am gonna go to the Seven Eleven as soon as I can to get them.


Ok, back to the 100th post, I was thinking that every 100 posts I should do this, or like something special or something. So, for this post, I thought I should do something funny, and kind of out of line. And while driving by a taco bell I thought, 'well, what about Taco Town!'

Take a look!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wizard 101 - Under Construction

From the Wizard 101 Forum :

Wizard101 has a regularly scheduled maintenance of 3am to 4:30am Central US time. On June 05 2009, we will be performing maintenance during this time, and players will not be able to log in. Thank you for your patience while we continue to improve the game for all our players.

So if you ever see that little symbol at the bottom left corner of your screen that says "you gotta log out in such and such time", dont worry. :)

Your Wizardly Advisor

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 - Gathering of the Wizards

Hey folks, and I have some exciting new for y'all today! If you're a Subscriber or a Crowns player your invited to a Wizard101 Gathering . From Wizardwiki:

Wizard101 Gathering 2009!
What is this?
It's where a bunch of subscribers and crowns players gather
for events and trading
and to enjoy their membership.
Where will this be?
Krokotopia Wu and Sunbird realm.
Am i invited?
Yes long as you have membership to the Wizard101 game (Subscribed or using crowns).
This is just to keep Spammers and people
Who will just mess up the event.
Sorry to those who want to come and are not invited.
This is a Grand trading event!
Any member who wants to trade their cards
or just get rid of them.
There may be racing from Krokotopia to
Mooshu. And you
win a treasure card.
Wu and Sunbird realm Krokotpia.
Time and date?
June 13, 2009
1:00pm to 2:00pm Central time zone
2:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern time zone
Will this be recorded?
Any one who has a recorder or
can take pictures may.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fire Drill!

From Wizard 101 Forum :

Fire Drill! Young Wizards, we apologize for interrupting your play time but we had a fire drill at Ravenwood and we had to make sure all our students were safely out of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience and you should be able to log in to Wizard101 within the next 30 minutes.

It's a good thing that everyone got out fast had that been a event. The forwarded answer from Greyrose said that it was done in record time! Good Job everyone!
~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Wizard 101 Realms

Since there are more wizards joining Wizard 101 everyday, Kingsisle had to add some new realms to the game :


So feel free to go to a more open realm if you feel a little claustrophobic. And for the newcomers :

To change Realms, simply press your ESC key while you're not in a duel, and you will see a tab on the right that has two little blue globes on it.

~Isaiah Spelldust