Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Housing Items

Okay, here are another few things that you can get around the spiral :

In Colossus Boulevard, you can find a frosty tree in the middle of the road. Just swoop right in there and get it.

In the Tower Archives, you can fight Vilara Moonwraith and get a glowing Dragonspyre plaque.

In the Balisca, go to where Zeke is. He has a free Dragonspyre lava fountain waiting for you.

In the Mooshu World Room, you can find a standing column, right behind the door.

You can get a sofa & Nightshade's bones when you fight Nightshade in the Haunted Cave.

When you fight prince Gobblestone in Colossus Boulevard, you can get a pumpkin, and a food box. ( just in case you get a little hungry. )

In Krokosphinx, when you go to the shopkeeper that sells the Heck Hound pet, he has a free jar of tomatoes sitting next to his stand.

~ Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ha! New Summer Spectacular Special!

Hello fellow wizards. I am here to bring to you the new Summer $60 a year special!

From Wizard 101:

Limited Time 1 Year $60 Special -School's out but Wizard School is in! For a limited time only, Wizard101's one year subscription is available for only $60. Click here to learn more about the advantages of being a Subscriber or a Crowns player.


Yup, that's right folks! If you REALLY want a deal, c'mon down to Wizard 101. And they'll hook you right up with the right payment needed to pay!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Friendly Favorite : Marble Columns

I have decided to post one of my favorite Friendly posts, which was the Marble column post. I laughed my wizardly hat off at that video. And I decided to bring back the memory with it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Messing With My Software ... Again

As you can see I have been up to my devious ways. Hey is that a giant robot! Oh no! Run! Wait, wait, it's just Isaiah Spelldust. :)

I think I would've done better wit the pics of my head and staff; like cutting them out better or something. But I was in a hurry. ( I was going out for dinner at Applebees! It was good!) Well, next time Ill do a much better time on that. In the mean time, enjoy! And do not be afraid, just TAKE ME TO YOUR HEADMASTER!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey! Sunken City Guide!

For all of you wizards out there that think Sunken City is a pain: They have a guide now!

From Wizard 101 News :

Sunken City Guide ~ Our friends over at have published a guide to Sunken City. If you're having trouble with this Dungeon, their guide may help Guide to Sunken City

Just Click on that link and go go go! ( If you really need to :)


I am thinking that the people at Mmorpg should make guides for other levels such as :

- The Tree of Life
- Crimson Fields
- Chamber of Fire

And maybe others!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner Time

I had just realized that I had enough spare change in my pocket to buy a dining table. So I did. And invited a friend over for some grub! Yum! Anyways I had a variety of dishes planned out for the meal: Tossed lettuce with savory ranch, fruit punch, mexican churros, and the main course, Turkey. I didnt know where to put all this so I just decided to keep it in my living room, which now my living room/dining room.
~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Stage Redefined

You know I told you that instead of getting a Mooshu house, just an interior design. Well, I did that to my house and my stage. I guess since the Mooshu houses dont have stages, Ill just make a Mooshu stage!
I am also thinking of moving my Statue of Koto onto the stage floor, and then get another Statue to put back in my yard or in my house. Anyone can get a house and put a different theme to it. For example, I could get a Dragonspyre house and decorate it with Marlybonian Decor. I could get a Krokotopian House and design it to look like a Wizard City House. If you want a house that looks good, but you dont want to pay like 40,000 gold for an expensive house, just get a cheaper house ( Like the Wizard City Mansion, Or the Mooshu Cottage ) and decorate with your world-related decoration of choice!
~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Housing Items

Courtesy of StarSongky, we have some more free housing items that can be found around the spiral.

In Krok's Temple of Storms, just inside the Karahnan Barracks (the part with all the bridges) there's a big stone hieroglyph you can pick up.

In Mooshu, when you meet Mossback the second time (in a village) there's a Round Rock near him you can take.

In Marleybone's Scotland Yard, on the back side of the wall behind McRuff, there's a grabbable Hairdini poster.

And in Ravenwood's Myth school, you can go up past Cyrus to the right and take the Lynx Stargazer poster in the corner.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Party at My House

I decided to do a Wizard house party, where me and my friends go to each others houses and have a party while we show each others unique housing items! Here is me on stage with some of my friends.

I told them to say cheese the first picture, but then Blaze said cheese and crackers ( which is really good by the way, I am eating some right now as I am typing these very words ) then in the picture above that's when he said ''o just cheese'', but I think cheese can be good by itself, or with crackers. It really doesnt matter unless there is cheese involved!


It looks like the secret of Grizzleheim isn't a secret anymore. I got the latest news on the new world from the What They Play website :

Popular magic-themed online virtual world Wizard101 will be getting a huge brand new area added to it next month with the release of Grizzleheim. According to the team at the game's publisher, KingsIsle Entertainment, the new area is "inspired by Norse mythology," and that "Grizzleheim is an airy, outdoor landscape of snowy mountains, glacial ridges and towering trees that is home to three new Wizard101 tribes – Bears, Wolves and Ravens. Players will first encounter the Viking Bears of Grizzleheim, great traders with the ability to travel the worlds of the Spiral, in the free-to-play areas of Wizard City. As student wizards adventure through subsequent worlds, Grizzleheim will offer new quests, new locations to explore, new opponents and new Viking-themed decorative housing items interspersed throughout the mid and higher levels of the game."
Grizzleheim is expected to roll out beginning in June. As with other new content for the game, the world will launch first on the Wizard101 test server, where subscribers will help beta test features before it goes live in the game.
You can read our coverage of Wizard101 right here. Check out the new character art and screen shots from Grizzlehelm below. The main game can be downloaded and played for free on your PC from
Here are some of the screenshots I found there too, the housing looks awesome!

I wonder if this world will be harder than DragonSpyre? I guess it would since it's a whole new world with all new bosses and levels. Another question came to mind as well. Will the max of Wizard levels be 50? Or will the creators make it go higher considering the new worlds of Celestia and Grizzleheim. The creatures in Grizzleheim look cool as well too.
~ Isaiah Spelldust

Dueling the Devs

I went to the Wizard 101 Site today and saw the Dueling the Devs page. I think that would be an honor to fight a Dev.

From Wizard 101 :

Angel, a devoted player since the game's early Beta period, is an accomplished Player vs. Player duelist that sports a rank of "Commander" in the Arena. Coleman finally found a break in his schedule long enough to compete against the exceptional duelist. After a long match, Angel DragonGem pulled out ahead by using the "Immolate" spell and several blades to make his attack more potent. Coleman, "Zachary FrogSlinger", was defeated and provided us with the comments below the pictures. Stay tuned to our web site and follow us on Twitter to learn more about "Dueling the Devs" in the future!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Have you ever visited the Wizard 101 Site and looked at Abracadoodle? It's a little wizard comic that continues throughout each month. You guys should go check it out.

Here is one of them. Comic #18, Hehe ... Kinda funny. To see the rest, just visit the site if you're interested.

~Isaiah Spelldust

I wanna thank Wizard 101 for supplying this to us.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My House Redefined

The last time I showed you my house, I said that it would be ''tempoary'' because I wanted to get out of the dorms and get something else instead, then , go and buy a Mooshu house. Well, once I finshed signing all of the papers my Real Estate Agent ( the Turtle ) gave me, I just wasted some gold. And some time. Soo, instead of bringing my house into Mooshu, I decided to bring Mooshu into my house!
~Isaiah Spelldust

Picture Editing

As you well know I have been messing around with my software. Well I also found a really cool site called FlamingText and I made a new banner with it ( as you can see ). Here is another design that I did. Hope you like it!

I also made it look animated! Take a look at the bottom of the page and you'll see me glow!

Do you Like it?

As you can see I have a new backround on here. But I am not sure if I should keep it on or find a better one. Any opinions? If you have any, please leave it in a comment.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Messing With my Software

I was just fiddling around today with my Snagit video/picture editing software and I came up wih this. If you take a closer look, you may realize I had used a video-editing effect from Windows Movie Maker. Maybe someday Ill come up with a really cool design and show it off on a post. Maybe? Maybe not? You'll see. :)
~Isaiah Spelldust

Free housing Items

My friend Kestrel Jadebringer has told me of a couple housing items that could be found around the Spiral. As I investigate I will find more, and I will show them to you every time I find a new one. Here are some of the ones Kestrel Told me today:

- If you go into the pet shop in Wizard City, go to the counter, and on the right of the cashier should be a tiny door. Just press X to pick it up. Dont worry, it's not a door to another dimension ( even though that would be kind of cool ) it's a decoration.

- In the Haunted cave in Stormdrain Tower, after you defeat Lord Nightshade, go to his desk and you'll see a brain in a jar. It is also a decoration .... enjoy!

- If you go to the Emperors Palace in Mooshu and fight the Jade Oni, there is a decoration on the left side of the entrance door. ( Btw, you could just not fight Jade Oni, and take the decoration. But, if you want to or if you have to, knock yourself out. Woah woah woah! not literally!) :)

- And if you go to one of the Krokotopia shops, there will be a Stone Slab waiting for you as well.

More will be on the way!

~Isaiah Spelldust

My Decor Collection

I am hunting the spiral for decor to put inside my tempoary house. It may not look like much, but soon, this house will be decorated from attic to floor.
These are some of the original decorations that Friendly mentioned in the Housing Items of the Day. Thanks Friendly!
~Isaiah Spelldust

Potion Motion

This is the game that I get my mana with. I would recommand it if you want to get mana fast. But if you want a good game, I would suggest Dueling Diego.
~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shardtail Dragon!

From Wizard 101:

Introducing the Shardtail Dragon!Wizard101 and Beckett have teamed up to bring players an exclusive item: The Shardtail Dragon! To find out more, go to

Yes folks, you've heard it! The new Shardtail Dragon from Wizard101 and Beckett! To find out more about this awesome pet, just click on the link!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Hmm... Shardtail is a good name, and so is Ringtail! :)

My ''Temporary'' House

Hey folks! I am sorry that I couldnt get this here screenie to you earlier ( software problems ) but anyways this is me at my "tempoary'' house. I wanted one so bad I just had to go out and get one. As you can see that it's kind of empty now, but dont worry. This house will soon to be filled with all sorts of neat decor from all over the Spiral!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, May 11, 2009

Castle News

From Wizard101:

Castles & Lands Now AvailableWizard101 is proud to announce the launch of our new Castles & Lands feature, voiceovers for Marleybone, MooShu & Dragonspyre, and more. Find out more.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Coming up soon:

Marlybones unique boss drops

More stories from yours truly, Isaiah Spelldust

Gotta Run!

Myth Won!

Yeah! Looks like as if myth has won today! More will come later! Gotta run!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looks like Myth is Winning!

On the old voting poll (the one where you vote your favorite school) I noticed that the most voted one so far was Myth School. When a school type that wins in this poll I will put up a post all about it!
Hurry up and vote cause there is only 13 hours left!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bamboo/Panda Response

The Friendly Necromancer wrote a housing item of the day called the Bamboo Barrier.
My comment was:

bamboo goes good with P.A.N.D.A.S( Pandas Are Nonsense During Arodactyl Season)

I dont know but it sounded like a good excuse for a bamboo barrier!

My Favorite Blogs and Sites

Here is some of my favorite Blogs and Fan Sites all about Wizard 101!

Just click on the images to go to their site!


Here are some of my other favorites.
Your Wizardly Advisor
~Isaiah Spelldust

More Screenies!

Here I got some more screenshots of me at the Arena. I decided to take out Midnight ( Jade Oni Pet) for some fresh air.

Yea, that's me and Midnight battling it out. :)

That's me after the battle. And boy oh boy am I hungry!

More will be on the way!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Good Mooshu Boss Drops

First I would really like to give most of the credit to IronHawk from Wizard 101 Central, he made most of this happen.

Got to show you this before the boss drops. I thought that I should just point out some of the good stuff that has been floating around those bosses.

Ok, Here is Yochimo and Jade Oni. I am not gonna do EVERY boss, just the main guys.

Yes I no, I only hit the MAIN ones. If you want one that isnt on here, please let me know.

Anyways, I think these Jade Oni clothes are pretty effective.

Ok, Here is Sergeant Groostak, he isn't that hard to take down. And you might have to fight him a couple times to get what you need.

I know right, I would never name my child Sgt. Groostak

Here is Do-Daga..... No comment :)

And I'll end with Youkai. ( In my opinion, I think he looks like a floating brownie.)

See you guys later, I hope I helped!

Your Wizardly Advisor

Isaiah Spelldust

Backround Music!

I just installed some backround music on my home page of my site! Come visit!

Isaiah's Wizardise


Here are a couple screenshots! I could'nt take any in the past because I needed a Software Program for it. Well, here are a couple, more will be on the way!

That's me and my five other Wizards! I guess I decided

to show of the staff this time..... :)

This is me in the commons browsing through my friends
list. I have some very good friends by the way, and believe me,
they help out a lot! <:0)
More will be on the way!
You Wizardly Advisor
~Isaiah Spelldust

Spoof Comic #3

Here is a spoof comic straight from Ravenwood in front of Bartleby:

Click on it to read it! Hope you enjoy it, more will
be coming in the SCS (Spoof Comic Series).

~Isaiah Spelldust

Gift Cards? Oh yeah!

Those gift cards look so awesome! When I heard the news, I just had to go down to my nearest 7-11 and buy one! I even get a free pet!

The Protectors set will include:
Happy Piggle
Gives +40 Health & 1 Sprite Card
Power Dragon
Gives +1% Power Pip & 1 Power Play Card
Defender Pig
Gives +6% Resist All & 1 Dryad Card
* Power Dragon Gives +1% Power Pip & 1 Power Play Card
* Defender Pig Gives +6% Resist All & 1 Dryad Card