Saturday, May 16, 2009

Free housing Items

My friend Kestrel Jadebringer has told me of a couple housing items that could be found around the Spiral. As I investigate I will find more, and I will show them to you every time I find a new one. Here are some of the ones Kestrel Told me today:

- If you go into the pet shop in Wizard City, go to the counter, and on the right of the cashier should be a tiny door. Just press X to pick it up. Dont worry, it's not a door to another dimension ( even though that would be kind of cool ) it's a decoration.

- In the Haunted cave in Stormdrain Tower, after you defeat Lord Nightshade, go to his desk and you'll see a brain in a jar. It is also a decoration .... enjoy!

- If you go to the Emperors Palace in Mooshu and fight the Jade Oni, there is a decoration on the left side of the entrance door. ( Btw, you could just not fight Jade Oni, and take the decoration. But, if you want to or if you have to, knock yourself out. Woah woah woah! not literally!) :)

- And if you go to one of the Krokotopia shops, there will be a Stone Slab waiting for you as well.

More will be on the way!

~Isaiah Spelldust


Cheats and Crackers said...

Thanks for the info! I didn't know about the krok one. :)

Anonymous said...

In Krok's Temple of Storms, just inside the Karahnan Barracks (the part with all the bridges) there's a big stone hieroglyph you can pick up.

In Mooshu, when you meet Mossback the second time (in a village) there's a Round Rock near him you can take.

In Marleybone's Scotland Yard, on the back side of the wall behind McRuff, there's a grabbable Hairdini poster.

And in Ravenwood's Myth school, you can go up past Cyrus to the right and take the Lynx Stargazer poster in the corner.

Willie said...

wow thnx!

Anonymous said...

This is very useful!