Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Stage Redefined

You know I told you that instead of getting a Mooshu house, just an interior design. Well, I did that to my house and my stage. I guess since the Mooshu houses dont have stages, Ill just make a Mooshu stage!
I am also thinking of moving my Statue of Koto onto the stage floor, and then get another Statue to put back in my yard or in my house. Anyone can get a house and put a different theme to it. For example, I could get a Dragonspyre house and decorate it with Marlybonian Decor. I could get a Krokotopian House and design it to look like a Wizard City House. If you want a house that looks good, but you dont want to pay like 40,000 gold for an expensive house, just get a cheaper house ( Like the Wizard City Mansion, Or the Mooshu Cottage ) and decorate with your world-related decoration of choice!
~Isaiah Spelldust


Isaiah Spelldust said...

Ha ha very funny Willie. ( That was my brother, trying to be funny

wolf nighthunter aka jessetemple said...

hi dude its me wolf nighthunter i freakin love your website hackin awesome dude
o ya how do you make a website

Isaiah Spelldust said...

O hi there wolf! Just go to and make an account! Then, start blogging!

the awesomeness person in the wolrd said...

o my god thnx freakin thnx i got suspention today cause i got in a fight o

from; wolf nighthunter

Isaiah Spelldust said...

HEH you got in a fight! was this your first? did you win?