Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Housing Items

Courtesy of StarSongky, we have some more free housing items that can be found around the spiral.

In Krok's Temple of Storms, just inside the Karahnan Barracks (the part with all the bridges) there's a big stone hieroglyph you can pick up.

In Mooshu, when you meet Mossback the second time (in a village) there's a Round Rock near him you can take.

In Marleybone's Scotland Yard, on the back side of the wall behind McRuff, there's a grabbable Hairdini poster.

And in Ravenwood's Myth school, you can go up past Cyrus to the right and take the Lynx Stargazer poster in the corner.

~Isaiah Spelldust


Vale said...

Also green column in the Mooshu world room and kimono rack from Jade oni area.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I knew about the kimono, but not about the column. Thnx :),