Thursday, July 30, 2009

Valarian's Wizard Graveyard

Hello fellow wizards. Sorry for not posting; I was at Cedar Point! Yup, riding rides, cotton candy, riding those same rides again ( nauseating a bit ), etc. Well, I am back in business. Here is the post for today. If you may not know, Valarian over at his School for Wayward Wizards has a thing call the Wizard Graveyard. And I think it's a good idea for fallen wizards' companians to post about them. I havent had anyone go yet, but if I do, that would be the place to go. Maybe you want to ask why another person killed you. Or why they killed your companian. So it's kind of like a virtual funeral home as much as a graveyard? I dont know. Just a guess. Well, that's todays post. It's not much. I need to find more things to put into words for you guys. Maybe another comparison? We'll see.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic of the Day - - Storm Lord's Mistake

Here is a comic I made for today. ( please note it has nothing to do with the contest; why would I try to enter my own contest!? ) Anyway's I was bored and decided to craft up something about the Storm Lord.

( Click to enlarge )

~Isaiah Spelldust

Public Apology

Hello fellow Bloggers, Wizards, and Friends. I just want to take time on this post to fix up a few things. I want to make an apology to the guys over at Wizard101 Central for what I did. I didn't mean for that to happen. I guess I got a little carried away with it, and I saw what was on central. Just to let Central know I have deleted those posts, and I'll never do that again. I mean, Central is an AWESOME site, no lie. They have accumulated members ever since the beginning, and have been humble to Wizard101 and Kings Isle. It was my mistake that made them look bad and I am sorry. I hope we'll ( Me and Central ) could keep the peace and keep on gaming. But most of all I would like to apologize to Iron Hawk over at Central. He was the Real Wizard behind the boss drops. All I did was basically copy. It was wrong, I admit. But, we all make mistakes once and a while. And I really, really, really, hope you all could forgive me. I'll never do that again and I hope things work out.

You Wizardly Friend,

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Contest

Hello fellow wizards! I'd like to end the day with something special. Like . . . . a contest! Yes, I'm am hosting the first ever Comic contest! Here are the details :

-Anyone can enter!
-The comic has to be Wizard 101 related
-Entries can be submitted between July 22-August 13
-No run-offs of anyone elses comics!
-The winner's ( 2-3 ) will get to make a comic with me. Except YOU get to make up the theme!
- You must submit all comics to me via e-mail;
-Have fun! And relax, there's no rush in this race!

Good Luck!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wizard 101 World Comparisons - - Krokotopia Vs. Cairo, Egypt

Todays Comparisons aren't Creatures, But World ones. ( I know, Cairo isn't a world but it's a place. ) First I'll show you the world we see almost everyday, give it up folks for Krokotopia!


Now as you can see, Krokotopia was based allot off of Egypt, but KI made a couple changes. Such as Pyramids, sandstorms, "Kroko"sphinxs, temples, and more. But usually with the prefix "Kroko" in front of it ( for example "Kroko"htep, "Kroko"topia, "Kroko"sphinx, etc. ) And of course the looks and names of the Bosses were based on Egyptian kings.

Krokopatra, which had dress like most queens of Egypt. Krokopatra seems to be a run-off of Cleopatra, well, since they do have the same "patra". Here is a picture of CleoPatra.

I know, they look nothing alike considering Krokopatra is an Alligator basically! Oh, and by the way, Krokopatra is the last boss in Krokotopia, in case you were wondering. OK, back to the Comparison. Here is the Pyramid of the Sun from the Game, on the top-right of the map.

Now here is another Pyramid, or Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. They are Called the Giza Pyramids.

You can say that they are the same considering that all Egyptian Pyramids look the same. Now on the the whole Sphinx deal. You know that Krokotopia has the famous Krokosphinx. Well, here is the Wizard 101 one.

The head of this Sphinx of course is a Krok. But an ancient and original Sphinx usually has something else for a head . . .

It looks like the former king of Giza, dont you think? Aside from the broken nose . . . But still an amazing place to visit! It would be awesome to go there. I'll go there someday and bring back pictures :) I would do the tomb of storms but I wouldnt know what to compare it to. So that's it for now folks! Hope you liked today's comparison!
More to Come!
~Isaiah Spelldust

New Bazaar in Town . . . Olde Town That Is!

If you ha vent been doing the test realm, Kings Isle just made the new Wizard101 Bazaar Live. He looks the same, but the way his merchandise is organized is more convenient and understandable. Here is how the merchandise is put.

Here is how it goes :

First Column - Item Name
Second Column - Item Number
Third Column - Level Requirement ( If there is one on the item )
Fourth Column - School Requirement ( Again, if there is one on the item )
Fifth Column - Amount of gold the item costs

Note : The Spiral Icon for the School Requirement means that any school student can wear it.

Items can also be arranged from A-Z or Z-A by clicking the name column . If you want the Item sorted by the quantity , just click on the # column; you can sort from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.

Items can also be sorted by their level by clicking on the top of the "LVL" column. Again, from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. If you want school items to be in their same item categories, just click on the top of the school column ( SCH ). And lastly, if you want expensive and non-expensive items seperate, click on the top of the Cost column, and you can seperate from lowest to highest or highest to lowest. Talk about a new way to organize! Hope you enjoy the new Bazaar!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, July 18, 2009

You've Heard It!

The Code is out folks! ( well, one of them I think ) And since I am so generous if you missed I'll give it to you :


( I am thinking "brock" is one of the characters in Pokemon. )

You'll get a death scarab with that code. There are other codes to find out so if you want this pet or want to wait for another code to pop up go ahead!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Watch PokeMarathon to Get Free Pet!

I'm sure you've heard it if you are a Cartoon Network fanatic! That's right, make sure you watch the Pokemon Marathon today and they'll let out a free code for a pet! Wowserz!

From Wizard 101 Website :

On July 18th watch Cartoon Network's Pokémon Marathon for a special code! Between July 18th and July 20th at noon Central time, log in to the website and you will be able to click the button below to enter the code you saw on the Cartoon Network and receive one of these amazing pets! Don't miss out!

( I want the elf )

~Isaiah Spelldust

Friday, July 17, 2009


In my blogging days of Wizard 101 I have heard and made up some interesting theories and update-ideas about Wizard 101. One of mine you may know as the Juke Idea. Well, there are some other bloggers that have made up and discovered some updats/theories that might come up later in the game. Such as the Reneverian Hex blog and it's speculations :

-Multiplayer Minigames

-Level 60

On one of those theories I'd have to say and it would be the level 60 ordeal. I mean, if KI just came out with a new world and is STILL coming out with Celestia, then there should be another ten levels to make it more fun. The multiplayer minigames would be fun and would attract a lot more players to play but, most play just to get mana and fill potions.

Then there is the Homework in a Graveyard blog with it's mounting theory. In my opinion, mounts would be awesome. But I think I would have to buy them first or something. Like you could take it out of your bag and ride it, and put it back in when you want to walk again. Another opinion on mounts : I would like mounts better if you could decorate them. But that would bring in a whole new theory. Decorations for mounts. Like housing items for houses, you win them in battles, gather decorations, win them in quests, etc. So then if KI would accept doing mounts then they would probably have to put in a Mount Store. Or make like a Stable where you buy your ride.

I havent heard anything about Celestia yet. So I doubt it will come soon. So just enjoy Grizzleheim enough till you get bored. That's enough theory searching for today wizards.

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Look

I went to the Bazaar today and got myself a new look. I'll keep it for a while.
More to come soon.
~Isaiah Spelldust

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wizard 101 Downtime Announcement

Hey wizards! Just to say I really had fun at the Meet and Greet. Made some new friends and hung out with old. I would have pictures but my Fraps program has been acting up lately. Well, back to the Downtime.

Wizard101 the game will be offline from 3am to approximately 4am on Tuesday July 14th*.
This downtime is necessary to address the issues listed below:

▪ Wandering creatures in Dragonspyre will no longer gain Power Pips naturally, however the bosses of the Spiral still maintain this ability.
▪ Sgt Skullsplitter will be taught another lesson by Merle Ambrose and will stop casting interrupts on players.

▪ Baby Drakes will once again appear for the Break An Egg quest.

▪ Scarl Soomhowler will appear more frequently for the Clean Them Out Quest.
▪ Players will get a message after they complete Trade Voyage to seek out Merle Ambrose and gain access to Grizzleheim after level 20.

▪ Scarsnout will now properly resist Myth spells and be weak to Storm spells.
▪ Reagents in your Reagent section of your backpack will now be alphabetized.
▪ The creatures in Raven Fortress will be less aggressive and won't pull Wizards into combat as easily.

▪ Krokotopian Scarabs can properly be bought and sold from the Bazaar

▪ Yardbird Quest goals will be more clearly defined.

▪ Veil of Verdancy will no longer be bright pink and can now be dyed.

▪ Hood of Ashes will now have a level 45 requirement.

▪ Amaranthine Staff will no longer be eligible to sell at the Bazaar.

▪ The following house items will now work properly in your house:

◦Dogfish Statue

◦Dragon Wall Bust

◦Dragonwing Bust

◦Stone Fireplace

◦Brick Fireplace

◦Soda Barrels

◦Tiny Arched Door

If you do not see them where you placed them before tonight, you may need to go to your attic and pick all items up in the house for it to appear. We apologize for this slight inconvenience, but it may be the only way to ensure you can retrieve the item.

▪ The Eye will once again be an item players can interact with for the Eye of Truth quest.
▪ Tall Wooden Shelf & Rough Wooden Shelf can now be picked up once they've been placed in a Castle or Dorm.
▪ PvP Ranked Match results will now be correct after PvP match completion.
Please know this downtime only addresses the issues listed above, and we are working diligently to fix others that players have brought to us.
Watch the message boards and the Ravenwood News for upcoming information about additional updates and fixes.*please note this downtime may be extended without notice, but we will try to message any extensions on the Wizard101 game launcher.

( from Greyrose )

~Isaiah Spelldust

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Me And Other Bloggers!

That right folks! Today and today only, the Wizard 101 blogger meet and greet! Here are the details :

!Blog Meet and Greet!

When: Sunday, July 12 at 5pm eastern time

Where:Mooshu Jade Palace under the roof of where Mini Games are, Realm, Wu Area 1 if Area 1 is full we got to the next area down and so on

What to do: Meet other blogs, bloggers meet fans, Trading cards, and A best Grizzleheim outfit contest hosted by me (Evil Theurgists)

Contest? Prize? Winner gets Rebirth treasure cards,Scarecrow,and anything else.
2 Rules
1: Must be Grizzleheim clothes

2: Have Fun

Well there you go hope to see you all there :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Name

Hello fellow wizards. I've been doing some thinking and this blog wont be called Defenders of the Spiral anymore. I have changed the name! Defenders Incorporated! Or, Defenders Inc. I even made a logo and trademarked it! Call me crazy . . .

So the banner that is up at the top I'll change soon too. ( Man, I need to make up my mind on these banners! ) Also! I am almost done making t-shirts too! That's right, you heard it. I crafted two designs so far. Call me crazy . . .

There's a back of this one . . .

So probably when you leave this blog, and come back, it'll be different. Dont worry, just under maintenance.
~Isaiah Spelldust

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July Wizards!

I am gonna celebrate the fourth on this blog with another SNL video! Enjoy! Subshack!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Third Wizard

Over the weeks and weeks on the is blog I have only shown you my Balance Wizard ( Isaiah Spelldust.) Well, I wanna show you his Step-Brother. A life Wizard named Kevin Spritebright. He is just a level 16 now but he'll catch up. I gave him some Grizzleheim gear I picked up at the Bazaar in Olde Town.

Here is Kevin next to the Bear Guards.
Kevin in the circular arena in Northguard.
He decided to build a reastaurant next to all the shopkeepers.
And finally Kevin headed for the Rainbow bridge.
Well, that's Kevin. You'll be seeing him in more posts that's for sure.
~Isaiah Spelldust

Poster of the Day -- Silver Heart

Hello folks and today's poster of the day is Silverheart. She runs the Diviner of Myth Blog and let me tell you she is random! Haha. Anyway's here she is, in Mooshu.

Keep up the good work Silverheart!

( If you want a poster done of you, let me know in a comment.)

~Isaiah Spelldust

Wizard 101 Comparisons Part 5

Ok, today's comparison is the Storm creature we all might know as the Triton. As you know I will show you what is different, and what is the same. Ok, here is the Wizard 101 Triton. ( I decided to do the statue one because he looks cooler when encased in stone. :)
As you can see he wears a crown on his head dictating that he is probably the king of the sea. He has no legs just a storm tail thing. And he bears a spear in both hands. Now I will show you a couple Triton images you might not know. Ancient ones.

Ok, this one may be a little difficult to see but, it is Triton, who back then in Roman Mythology was the Roman god of the sea. And on this ancient plate, he much looks the a Merman. A difference from the Wizard 101 Version. Ok, here is another ancient Triton image.

This one looks like the Merman again but looks way younger. What I can say about the similarities is the spear and the tail. Here is a Triton who you might recognize. I cant say ancient though on this one.
Yup you said it. The little mermaid's father, Triton. Ok, to the similarities and differences. He looks human on top like the other two. But, he also bears a crown like the Wizard 101 Triton. So I guess you can see the Wizard 101 Triton is made up of a whole bunch of other versions of different Tritons. Well, that's today's comaprison folks. Till next time, I'm Isaiah Spelldust.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grizzleheim is LIVE!

It's a good day folks for the new world to finally come out. I hope you are all excited and have a good time but be careful when you try to upload because so many are trying to upload that errors might occur. If an error occurs just wait a little and try again. Have a great time with those new updates! Also mannequins are live too! Hope you enjoy collecting those craft slots!

~Isaiah Spelldust