Monday, July 13, 2009

Wizard 101 Downtime Announcement

Hey wizards! Just to say I really had fun at the Meet and Greet. Made some new friends and hung out with old. I would have pictures but my Fraps program has been acting up lately. Well, back to the Downtime.

Wizard101 the game will be offline from 3am to approximately 4am on Tuesday July 14th*.
This downtime is necessary to address the issues listed below:

▪ Wandering creatures in Dragonspyre will no longer gain Power Pips naturally, however the bosses of the Spiral still maintain this ability.
▪ Sgt Skullsplitter will be taught another lesson by Merle Ambrose and will stop casting interrupts on players.

▪ Baby Drakes will once again appear for the Break An Egg quest.

▪ Scarl Soomhowler will appear more frequently for the Clean Them Out Quest.
▪ Players will get a message after they complete Trade Voyage to seek out Merle Ambrose and gain access to Grizzleheim after level 20.

▪ Scarsnout will now properly resist Myth spells and be weak to Storm spells.
▪ Reagents in your Reagent section of your backpack will now be alphabetized.
▪ The creatures in Raven Fortress will be less aggressive and won't pull Wizards into combat as easily.

▪ Krokotopian Scarabs can properly be bought and sold from the Bazaar

▪ Yardbird Quest goals will be more clearly defined.

▪ Veil of Verdancy will no longer be bright pink and can now be dyed.

▪ Hood of Ashes will now have a level 45 requirement.

▪ Amaranthine Staff will no longer be eligible to sell at the Bazaar.

▪ The following house items will now work properly in your house:

◦Dogfish Statue

◦Dragon Wall Bust

◦Dragonwing Bust

◦Stone Fireplace

◦Brick Fireplace

◦Soda Barrels

◦Tiny Arched Door

If you do not see them where you placed them before tonight, you may need to go to your attic and pick all items up in the house for it to appear. We apologize for this slight inconvenience, but it may be the only way to ensure you can retrieve the item.

▪ The Eye will once again be an item players can interact with for the Eye of Truth quest.
▪ Tall Wooden Shelf & Rough Wooden Shelf can now be picked up once they've been placed in a Castle or Dorm.
▪ PvP Ranked Match results will now be correct after PvP match completion.
Please know this downtime only addresses the issues listed above, and we are working diligently to fix others that players have brought to us.
Watch the message boards and the Ravenwood News for upcoming information about additional updates and fixes.*please note this downtime may be extended without notice, but we will try to message any extensions on the Wizard101 game launcher.

( from Greyrose )

~Isaiah Spelldust

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