Friday, July 17, 2009


In my blogging days of Wizard 101 I have heard and made up some interesting theories and update-ideas about Wizard 101. One of mine you may know as the Juke Idea. Well, there are some other bloggers that have made up and discovered some updats/theories that might come up later in the game. Such as the Reneverian Hex blog and it's speculations :

-Multiplayer Minigames

-Level 60

On one of those theories I'd have to say and it would be the level 60 ordeal. I mean, if KI just came out with a new world and is STILL coming out with Celestia, then there should be another ten levels to make it more fun. The multiplayer minigames would be fun and would attract a lot more players to play but, most play just to get mana and fill potions.

Then there is the Homework in a Graveyard blog with it's mounting theory. In my opinion, mounts would be awesome. But I think I would have to buy them first or something. Like you could take it out of your bag and ride it, and put it back in when you want to walk again. Another opinion on mounts : I would like mounts better if you could decorate them. But that would bring in a whole new theory. Decorations for mounts. Like housing items for houses, you win them in battles, gather decorations, win them in quests, etc. So then if KI would accept doing mounts then they would probably have to put in a Mount Store. Or make like a Stable where you buy your ride.

I havent heard anything about Celestia yet. So I doubt it will come soon. So just enjoy Grizzleheim enough till you get bored. That's enough theory searching for today wizards.

~Isaiah Spelldust

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