Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Housing Items

Okay, here are another few things that you can get around the spiral :

In Colossus Boulevard, you can find a frosty tree in the middle of the road. Just swoop right in there and get it.

In the Tower Archives, you can fight Vilara Moonwraith and get a glowing Dragonspyre plaque.

In the Balisca, go to where Zeke is. He has a free Dragonspyre lava fountain waiting for you.

In the Mooshu World Room, you can find a standing column, right behind the door.

You can get a sofa & Nightshade's bones when you fight Nightshade in the Haunted Cave.

When you fight prince Gobblestone in Colossus Boulevard, you can get a pumpkin, and a food box. ( just in case you get a little hungry. )

In Krokosphinx, when you go to the shopkeeper that sells the Heck Hound pet, he has a free jar of tomatoes sitting next to his stand.

~ Isaiah Spelldust


Morgrim ShadowWraith said...

Thank you for this, my castle is now more sporting with less the cost! :D

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Hey no problem!