Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Good Mooshu Boss Drops

First I would really like to give most of the credit to IronHawk from Wizard 101 Central, he made most of this happen.

Got to show you this before the boss drops. I thought that I should just point out some of the good stuff that has been floating around those bosses.

Ok, Here is Yochimo and Jade Oni. I am not gonna do EVERY boss, just the main guys.

Yes I no, I only hit the MAIN ones. If you want one that isnt on here, please let me know.

Anyways, I think these Jade Oni clothes are pretty effective.

Ok, Here is Sergeant Groostak, he isn't that hard to take down. And you might have to fight him a couple times to get what you need.

I know right, I would never name my child Sgt. Groostak

Here is Do-Daga..... No comment :)

And I'll end with Youkai. ( In my opinion, I think he looks like a floating brownie.)

See you guys later, I hope I helped!

Your Wizardly Advisor

Isaiah Spelldust

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Anonymous said...

this is a horrible place to get advice, other wedsites have 10 times more advice!!!! JK:)