Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Gift Cards Come out Tomorrow!

Hey folks, I know I should tell you tomorrow but I decided to tell you now! Yes the new set of gift cards are coming out tomorrow, July 1st! That means new pets, so here what they do :

-Sturdy Dragon
(7-Eleven $10) gives 50 health & 1% Power Pip

-Smarty Piggle
(Rite-Aid $10) gives 40 Mana & 1 Life Wand Spell

-Battle Pig
(Rite-Aid $20) gives 50 Health & 1 Infection Spell

-Blue Dragon
(Blockbuster $10) gives Mend Minion (available early July)

And coming soon .... Gift cards available at Blockbuster.

~Isaiah Spelldust


Lyssie Silverheart said...

Oh cool I can't wate to see the new pets! I'm going to end up geting one I'll put a pic on my blog when I do)

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Well, just wait till tomorrow!