Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Updates! (Part 2)

Here are more new updates that will be coming soon!

Chat Channels

Wizard101 now has different Chat Channels that allow players to communicate to other players who are in the same Realm, Group or Area.You can choose a channel to watch and participate in, by clicking on the tabs at the top. (If you are not in a group, you will not see the Group tab)

-"All" Chat broadcasts to up to 150 people in your current Realm. If there are more than 150 people in your Realm, you can cycle through the different “All” tabs. More “All” tabs will appear depending on the population.

-Say Chat is similar to the current Chat, that only broadcasts to the players immediately around you.

-Group Chat only broadcasts to the players within your current Group. If you leave the group, you will no longer be able to chat to that group.

-Text Chat is similar to the current direct chat abilities, however now this is not restricted to players on your Friends list.

-System Chat is reserved for important messages from our system, including in game warnings of downtime's.

Click to Select

Players can now select someone through their chat window. If you want to select a player that is not in your area, but who you can see in the chat, simply click on their name. Left click their name to select the player and right click their name to send a Text Chat message if they have Text Chat privileges.

True Friend Code Update

Players that you have exchanged True Friend Codes with, outside of Wizard101 will now show with their names in Green in the Friends Panel. The True Friend Code chat channel will now allow players to chat directly to each other without the dictionary chat restrictions. This chat channel will be filtered for profanity, and players can still be reported for their actions within this chat option. True Friend Codes should only be exchanged between people who already know each other outside of Wizard101. For your own safety, do not post these codes where strangers can see them, or give them out to people you do not know outside of the game.


Players can now group together and form a temporary team of up to four. This will allow players to more easily complete Dungeons and quests as a group and reserve slots in their duels for other group members. To put together a Group, simply click on another player and the Friends Panel will appear. Click the option to Add to Group. Once that's accepted, the player will show in the new Group panel of your Friends List, along with other players in the group.Party groups have their own chat channel, and to learn more, read the Chat Channels section above.

Stun Lock

When a player is hit with a Stun spell in combat they will still be stunned, but now a new Stun Shield will appear around them. The next time that player is attacked with any spell that stuns, the stun will be blocked and the shield will be used up. This applies to creatures as well! The shield will be raised for them too.

Enhanced Boss Encounters

You may have noticed that bosses of the Spiral have a few new tricks up their sleeves! Some of the bosses have been learning from all their encounters with the Wizards of the Spiral. Bosses may now cast additional spells, even when it is not their turn and they may call extra minions to their side to aid in the battle. This provides a whole new challenge to those boss duels, so you may want to go back and revisit some of the bosses of the Spiral to see what they've learned.

Housing Items

-Dogfish Statue is now functioning properly as a Wall Hanging item.
-Pilloried Skeleton can now be placed anywhere in a players home that it will fit into.
-Wall Chains & Looped Wall Chains can now be placed on a players wall.
-Boiler Door is now easier to place.
-Players can now pick up the Iron Tea Pot from where it has been placed
-The Red Dragon Bust can now be placed on a wall in a house.

Other Details

-The maximum amount of gold a character can have has been raised to 150 000.
-Satyr Pets now come with Satyr Cards instead of Unicorn.
-Players defeated in a duel will be marked "Defeated" in their 2d Combat Panel
-Beguile will not cause loss of rank when used on the last turn of a Player vs Player match.
-Voice overs have been added to the Tutorial Tips and the Help Menu
-Beware young Wizards, the population of creatures has increased in Kishibe Village!
-Tri-Blade, Tri-Trap and other Triple affect spells have been sped up to appear faster
-Sgt Skullsplitter is no longer helping young Wizards and has stopped casting Deathblade on players.
-The population of Nirini Bosses has increased to help Wizards complete "Give 'Em Another Round" quest.
-Speed Boots of the Comet have had their textures fixed and all Speed Boots can now be dyed.
-Dragonspyre Academy map has been updated to correct the location of the Crystal Grove.
-Players will regain their health while they are in their Dorm Rooms.

I would say some of these are great! But some make the game more challenging, such as more bosses with new spells, and minion-aid. And the max amount of gold has been raised, so I guess they might have some more expensive things in Grizzleheim, or just raising some prices on some things. And finally the wall loop chain problem has been fixed. When I received one from Petrov Gloomstrider, I when home to put it on my wall. It would go on! So I waited, and tried again. Still wouldn't work. So I just sold it. Then before the updates come out, I'll try to win another one.

See you in the Spiral!

~Isaiah Spelldust


Anonymous said...

The new Stun Shield gives GM Ice wizards a new use for the 0-pip Freeze spell, as a shield breaker between Frost Giants.

Lyssie Silverheart said...

WOW you can type alot!!! I know I probibly spelled somethin rong but only the caffinator cares.

Isaiah Spelldust said...