Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Tour of my House

As you know, you have seen my house go through previous stages such as being empty, to a decor collection, to a full living room. Well, my house is almost full, and I would like to give you a mini-tour of it. Take a look :

My classroom. When novices have a question they can come over to my class room and get answers.

My Study. Where I go to so I can relax from a long day and finish paperwork and study the latest spells. This room has a Dragonspyre style to it.

Some of my living room; as you can see I have left out pumpkin. I am going to carve it come Halloween! This room has a forest theme to it.
My bedroom. Krok Style. If you were wonder where that fire tablet came from, go fight Biti Nirini. He'll help you out with that. And in the background you can see I have a guest bedroom as well. I decided to make that a Mooshu Style one.
See, I told you that I would have different rooms with different worldly styles to it. In a later post, I will bring out what my yard and stage look like!
~Isaiah Spelldust