Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Party Was a Success!

Hello fellow wizards! Well, thanks to Friendly, the party was a total success! There were so many wizards in Ravenwood, my screen was freezing up! And I was getting swarmed left and right! But it was all well worth it. I have thrown parties ... and then I have thrown PARTIES! Take a look ....

The party was really fun. We had Mount races, Foot Races, and Backwards footraces all around Ravenwood! I am glad all you guys came! And I hope we all will get to do this next year or sooner! Thanks for coming!

~Till next Time!

~Isaiah Spelldust


Blakestrongstone said...

Hey had a great time whens the next holiday maybe we could have a Matan Luther king jr party lol-blake strongstone

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Thanks for coming! I'll have to think about my next bash! Cya round!

~Isaiah Spelldust

Heather Raven said...

Dang! I totally forgot! I must make it too the next one though.

Blakestrongstone said...

dont worry there will be another party sometime-Blakestrongstone