Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Almost X-mas From Defenders Inc.!

Hello fellow wizards! It's almost Christmas, and you know what that means in Wizard 101; an "Almost-X-mas post!" I decided to make this because I thought it would be good for the announcements I am making. ( Some of them you have probably already heard.) First, the Christmas Decor is up in the Commons like last year, and I managed to get a good picture of me in front of the tree. ( It took me a couple times to get the right screenshot because I was getting friend requests left and right! lol):

And as you know, Felix Navidad is in town! You can get crowns items from him in the shopping district. I got the Santa suit last year, but not this year. I am saving up for a balance house!

Also, Defenders Inc. Is scheduled to have an Almost X-mas party on December 22! I will have a poster and more info for you guys tomorrow. ( Which I will of course put in a post :) Well, until next time! ~Isaiah Spelldust

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