Monday, December 21, 2009

Isaiah Spelldust's Best Bazaar Buy's --Part 1--

Welcome to a new series of mine, it's called Isaiah's Best Bazaar Buy's. Here's what I do. Each time I do a part, it's for a different School. Such as Balance, Storm etc. Then, I go to the Bazaar, and see what the strongest and best combination is for a hat, coat, and shoes. And of course for that specific school. These combinations aren't for pvp, most likely would be best used in quest-doing, or, if you have to kill a certain amount of enemies for a badge. Ok, let's get down to business; today, I will do the Balance school buy's from the Bazaar. Let's start with the hat.

( Note: if you can't see the image, click on it, and it'll enlarge. )

The best Balance hat that I found was Shadowmark's Shroud of Service, and of course there is a lvl limit. ( lvl 45 ) It's good for a power pip boost, for quick attacks. And a good defense against balance.


Here is the coat that I picked for another Best Balance Buy.

The Wrap of Equity kind of goes with the hat. ( In terms of stats AND looks :) It has a very good max health ( +360 ) And again, it has a good power pip percentage and balance-defense ( hmm same as hat? ) Again, you have to be balance in order to wear these. Hence it saying "balance school only."


And lastly, here are the shoes. ( Sorry, but the shoes in the picture aren't the ones that are highlighted. It was fine when I took the screenshot, but I think a glitch happened at the last second and I didnt know about it..... Oh well. )

Aha! Look at these! You only have to be lvl 44 to wear this. These are the Steady Sandals of Woe. ( Thank goodness they aren't a crown item. ) They have a fair max health, and a good line of "protective-percentages" they may not be as much, but they will go along and help with what you need to do. ( Quest-seeking and all that. )

Well, that's Isaiah Spelldust's Best Buy's Part 1 : Balance

Oh, and while I am here, here are a couple updated pictures I took this morning. ( Edited a little bit :)

Till next time!

~Isaiah Spelldust