Monday, April 13, 2009

Updates are here!

Hey wizards! Wizard 101 has finally come out with all the new updates including:

- Quest Helper, if you arent sure about what to do on your quests or where to
go, a little yellow arrow will point the right way to go.

- New Spells like; Orthus(Myth) Fire Dragon(Fire) Power Nova(Balance) Rebirth(Life)
Frost Giant(Ice) Storm Lord(Storm), and Scarecrow(Death) If wanna see more on the
damages, click here.

- Best Friends Feature, find friends you like easier.

- Training point buy back

- New PvP items like pets ( Magma Collosus )

- And a new shopkeeper! Eggbert, has some new Easter wands for you!
(You can find him in the Shopping District)

Your Wizardly Advisor

~Isaiah Spelldust


Anonymous said...

Hey, Isaah. Nice blog, we should meet in game sometime.
-Sean Emeraldweaver

Anonymous said...

hey thnx! where would you like to meet? (realm, zone, time)