Sunday, April 19, 2009

Updated update

Here are some new key changes, and some ones you might already know. :)

A -- Move Left
B -- Open/Close Backpack
C -- Open/Close Character Screen
D -- Move Right
F -- Open/Close Friends Panel
M -- Open/Close Map
N -- Turn On/Off Navigation Bubbles
O -- Open/Close Open Chat Window
P -- Open/Close Card Pack
Q -- Open/Close Quest Journal
S -- Move Backwards
T -- Turn On/Off Quest Tracker *new*
W -- Move Forwards
X -- Interact
Up Arrow -- Move Forwards
Left Arrow -- Move Left
Right Arrow -- Move Right
Down Arrow -- Move Backwards
Num Lock -- Autorun
Esc -- Open/Close Options Panel
Enter -- Start Text Chat
Space -- Jump
Home -- Recall to Dorm when Map is Open
Alt-F4 -- Exit Wizard101
Ctrl-R -- Autorun
Ctrl-K -- Swap Card Decks *updated*
Ctrl-Shift-N -- Show/Hide Name Tags
Shift-M -- Open/Close World Map

Control K now swaps between your decks (instead of just K).
T will toggle the Quest Helper Arrow on and off.

Keep in mind that quest helper doesnt help with all quests, like the ones in instance levels.

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