Thursday, August 13, 2009

Theme Park Idea

Hello wizards. This post today is another idea by me about the game Wizard 101. This idea would be good I think. You know the Fairgrounds in the Commons right? Well, what if it was like a theme park. Or like had an entrance to one. And every attraction had a different game. But, the catch is you need "Wiztickets" to play most of these games. These Wiztickets could be found in treasure chests, or maybe in boss battles.

Now, varying on which type of ride varies how many tickets it costs. If it's a really good attraction, then the prizes you could win would be more rare and powerful. Say if it's a free ride, then you would probably might get like lvl 5 gear and things of that sort. The highest level ride there would be would cost maybe 7-10 tickets. Which would have stronger winning gear ( level 45-50).

And maybe you could find vendors all over the spiral that sell things like Wiztickets and maybe special passes that get you onto specific rides. For each ride would be a different game. And it maybe a little difficult for KI to come up with more games but they could pull it off. They could use some of the games they already have setup and use them for a couple rides. I have a couple suggestions for games.

- A game where you have to mix certain things in a potion or a cauldron. But you would be timed andif you messed up you would have to start all over again.

-A game for high level wizards called Flying Drake; you sit upon a drake and have to dodge certain obstacles. You collect things along the way to gain points. The more points you get the better the prize.

Just a couple ideas to think about. I got to thinking about this after I came back from Cedar Point.

Yup, that's the Top Thrill Dragster. Probably the most fastest and highest roller coaster I've ever seen and ridden. If you havent heard about it, it launches you 0-120 mph in 4 seconds, then climbs a whopping 420 feet. Stops a little at the top, and plunges down. Both the up and down "rises and falls" of this coaster are directly vertical ( except for the turns at the top.). If you are a thrill seeker, I recommand riding it. I think my stomach is still up at the top.
That's todays post!
~Isaiah Spelldust

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potroast42 said...

TTD isn't the tallest or fastest I've ridden, but it's definitely (in my opinion) better than Kingda Ka.