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Isaiah Spelldust's Story series The awakening

Here is what I've got so far. More will be coming soon! Enjoy...

The Awakening (Part One)
One night in a dreaded town ... Sleeps a creature so fierce it could could tear through reality easily. The Creature was a Monolisk; a ghastly dragon like creature that spews four horns out of its head. Wings spread to the diameter of an arena. It could breathe fire, ice , and can eat souls. It lay in a dim-lit tower, sharply pointed in shape and if touched could burn the human skin and incinerate it.
A noise.
The crackling of stone and molten rock; the ground shakes fiercely. The tower floor next to the Monolisk crumbles and melts. A figure emerges from the newly made whole. From the looks it would have been Malistaire or Cyrus, but they were killed fifty years ago by a wizard named Isaiah Spelldust who got frozen in a block of ice and death magic after he killed Malistaire. Anyways the figure was not a wizard, but the half human soul eater Ash Gorblood; a decendant of Malistaire before he became evil. Ash had an long blade that glowed tremendously, called the anthem of integrity and cunning swiftness. There was only two of them in the Spiral. And Ash had one.
"Finally." Ash started "I can now begin the first step into awakening the Monolisk."
With a swift move of his anthem through the air, all of the fire from the tower had gone into the Monolisk, disrupting its slumber. Its eyes opened slowly, and Dragonspyre started to crumble.
To be continued ...

The Awakening (part two - Chapter One : The Mission and Chapter Two: Zah' nul's encounter)
Chapter One : The mission
Wizard City is busy this time of year. With all of the parties and school hustling about all the time. It is the beginning of a new term. A fresh start for all wizards.
"I'm worried Gamma" Merle said looking through a book. "We haven't got much time left. If only there was a way to get Isaiah out of that ice."
Gamma shakes his head with discontent. "Only the mander Zah' nul can; he has the last fire shard."
"I guess your right." Says Merle. "Bring in Zeke. Maybe he can find Zah' nul."
Gamma rustles his feathers and flys off the pedestal out of an open window. He lands next to Zeke's cart.
"Ye better take this here cloth feller." Zeke propogates to a young wizard. "This is genuine Krokotillian skin leather. 2500."
The young wizard shakes his head and leaves.
"Zeke, Merle has a mission for you." Says Gamma.
"What be da mission." Ponders Zeke while scratching his beard.
Gamma tells about Zah' nul and the ice and the Fire Shards.
"Anything fer Merle." Salutes Zeke. Gamma nods in agreement and flies off.
Isaiah Spelldust's frozen body stays in the Scorching Ice block. Will Zeke find Zah' nul in time? Find out next chapter...
Chapter Two: Zah' nul's encounter
In Krokotopia...
Sandstorms start to brew up and rage wildly throughout the oasis. Shopkeepers gather their tents and all head for shelter, the library. The Krokotopia library is very crowded at the moment. Manders and Marlybone soldiers sit and wait for the storm to clear. The First Luitenant in Charge of positions counts all the shopkeepers. His name, Sir Baxter the Fourth
Baxter starts to count, "Hmm, lets see here; one ... two ... three ... four ... five ... six ... seven ... and ..." He stops.
"Where is he now!" Baxter shouts (as if this has happened before. ) "Where is Zah' nul!"
A shopkeeper raises a hand. "Ah sir?"
"I think I saw him in the Krokophinx sir."
"What in bloody name would that ol' chap be doing there." Baxter says.
Mean while in Krokosphinx
"uh HELLOOOOOOOOO!" Zah' nul shouts through the hall of champions. His weary and tired voice echos throughout the place.
The sound of blades. Zah' nul took a heroic gulp and moved onward.
A puff of smoke. Zah ' nul tries to look but the smoke blinded him.
"Ahh!' He screamed, and fell to the floor. And out of the mist came a figure. With a blade.
"General Kahibi Naktul!" exclaims Zah' nul.
"Yes." He chuckles, longblade in hand. "I believe you have something that I want."
"What are you talking about?" Says Zah' nul, trying to act as puzzled as possible.
Kahibi casted a cloak spell on himself. The cloak looked exactly like Zah' nul. Kahibi reached into Zah' nul's pocket grabbing the Fire Shard, and striking Zah' nul to the ground.
Kahibi disappears back into the smoke.
Zah' nul is dead, and General Kahibi plans to disguise himself like Zah' nul and betray Zeke. But baxter will find out and try to save Zeke. Will he succeed?

Hope you liked it!

~Isaiah Spelldust

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