Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post-ending Signatures

You all know what I end each post with. The usual "~" and "Isaiah Spelldust" well, I did a little W101 Blogosurfing and found out it want just me with ending things like mine. Homework In A Graveyard uses "Be well." after each post I've noticed. We all well know that Friendly uses his famous "Happy Dueling!". I like what Sean Emeraldweaver uses after each post. He does his name and leaves what level he was when he did that post. Like a little "Levelog" or something. And Valerian over at his School for Wayward Wizards has his "Valerian and Vale" thing going on. I think it's important when you run a blog that when you are finished with each post you have some Signature to end with. It "defines" you, makes you unique. It gives you blog it's own personality. And soon when your blog has a good rep, and you post often, then end signature becomes sort of like a habit. That's my opinion on this. I got my little tilde Signature idea originally from Greyrose every time I got an e-mail from her, or when she is done writing something on the Wizard101 Forum. So, if you are going to start a blog, make up a little ending thing at the end. So when you send a comment to someone else or a message, you might accidentally put down your ending cause your so used to it. That's okay, you should do that so they could recognize who it was or something like that. Hope you got something outta this. Well, I am going to go see The Half-Blood Prince. I heard it was really good!

~Isaiah Spelldust

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